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Tarek Sultan

Tarek Sultan, WG’90

Chairman and Managing Director
Agility Logistics


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Tarek Sultan is Chairman and Managing Director of the new logistics leader - Agility. Having served in the same capacity at the former Agility company - PWC Logistics for almost a decade, Tarek was the key driving force behind its strategic global expansion. By assessing the potential to build a new type of global logistics company, Tarek set the organization on a path towards tactical expansion worldwide.

He has also been an integral part of numerous worldwide logistics projects that included Fortune 1000 companies in electronics, retail, food and beverage, technology and oil and governments sectors. Tarek’s strategic outlook has also contributed significantly to the development of customs modernization projects around the world.

Before taking on his leadership role at PWC Logistics, Tarek was the Managing Director of New York Associates, a regional investment banking services provider and an Associate with Southport Partners, a U.S. based corporate finance advisory firm specializing in the technology sector. During his tenure there, he was responsible for delivering services to Fortune 10 companies such as IBM and General Electric.

Tarek also serves on the board of directors of National Real Estate Company, Burgan Bank and The Sultan Center in the Middle East and is on the Board of Agility Governors for the Logistics & Transportation Industry at the World Economic Forum.

Adding to his long years of experience, Tarek also holds a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Finance and Strategic Planning from the Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Williams College.

Having lived and worked in the United States, United Kingdom and Kuwait, Tarek imbibes a mix of all these different backgrounds and has successfully adopted this diversity into his corporate culture.

On the personal front, Tarek is married with three children. He enjoys tennis and golf and has a keen interest in other sports as well.