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The 8th Annual Raffle

Forum Raffle Beneficiary - Ibn Khaldoun Scholarship Fund


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Ibn Khaldoun Scholarship Fund

Ibn Khaldūn (1332 AD- 1406 AD), North African Arab polymath, well known for being the forerunner of several social scientific disciplines: demography, cultural history, historiography, the philosophy of history, sociology, and modern economics. He is sometimes considered to be the "father" of these disciplines, or even the social sciences in general, for anticipating many elements of these disciplines centuries before they were founded in the West.

The Ibn Khaldoun Scholarship Fund was created through the generosity of alumni and friends of the Wharton School. This is an endowed fund which will exist in perpetuity at the school, and only a portion of the income is spent every year. The purpose of the scholarships is to support students with financial need from Arab League countries to attend the Wharton MBA program. Proceeds from the raffle at the Dubai Forum will be added to the principal of the Ibn Khaldoun Fund.